Micro Tube Fabricators


Design & Engineering

As we strive to continually meet our customer's complex demands, MTF is equipped with a dedicated cross-functional team of manufacturing engineers and tool designers. This agile staffing balance enables MTF to offer engineering solutions, providing our customers with design input for optimal manufacturability. This service is tailored around our capabilities to increase production rates, thus keeping costs low and accelerating the project design cycle to streamline our customer's product "Speed-to-Market" focus.

As a diversified market supplier for over 30 years, MTF's engineering team has gained a broad range of experience in design and manufacturing. Our production and engineering efforts are structured to meet critical customer requirements. Component manufacturing is performed with state-of-the-art machinery and technology. Design process and control is upheld throughout our component process development enabling us to validate our manufacturing processes. MTF operates in a continuous improvement environment, ensuring the highest level of quality.

MTF, Inc. is equipped with highly skilled personnel to assist in the most complex customer orders. Our engineering department offers design and engineering assistance to every customer pertaining to their fabrication requirements.

During our production process, components endure many levels of quality inspection according to customer specification. MTF, Inc. provides all part certification documentation as required by our customers. Components receive 100% geometrical inspection during manufacturing to verify precision and accuracy.

News & Events

Micro-Tube Fabricators INC. specializes in fabricated tubing for minimally invasive laparoscopic, arthroscopic, & endoscopic procedures.  We offer a full range of laser services, as well as...
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