Micro Tube Fabricators


Finishing (Reflectivity)

As an established "Single Source" supplier, MTF has the capability to provide customers with their customer surface finish requirements. MTF offers a wide variety of finishing techniques from a desired RMS finish to a custom coated surface. The ability to provide our customers with multiple services under one roof helps to maintain process control programs and keeps pricing competitive.

Pad Printing

MTF’s cost effective pad printing services can print company graphics, logos or notes directly on parts. The dark color and rich contrast of the ink allows for excellent logo identification on parts, and is biocompatible and safe for surgical devices. Pad print logos are made with MTF’s pneumatically controlled Pad Printing machine, which guarantees excellent uniformity in printing.

Also see Laser Marking.


MTF offers a vibratory tumbling service for customers with end radius requirements. The process also removes burrs formed during fabrication and improves RMS on critical surface finish requirements. Small componenets endure a centrifugal drying operation after tumbling to ensure that parts are dry. MTF is equipped to handle tumbling requirements for small protytpe runs and large production orders.


  • Teflon Coating
    Corrosion Resistance, Wear-Resistance, Electrical Insulation
  • Aluminum Oxide
    Create desired RMS, Create "no-glare" finish
  • Electropolish/Polishing
    Improve physical appearance, Enhances mechanical property
  • Titanium Nitride
    Increased material life, Biocompatibility
  • Clear Anodizing
    Prevents corrosion and oxidation, Creates tough and durable surface

Prior to final inspection, MTF components receive various cleaning operations. To meet strict medical device requirements, MTF performs a cleaning operation known as Passivation. Passivation is a chemical treatment application to the material surgace that removes contaminants and assists the formation of a chromium-oxide, passive film which protects the surface from corrosion and supports in the transfer of fluid and/or medication. When passivation is not required, an ultrasonic cleaning operation utilizing deionized water is performed. MTF also has the capability to perform an ultrasonic vapor degreasing process in-house. Vapor degreasing removes all oils and grease present on the material surface. This value added cleaning operation involves limited labor, energy, and floor space resulting in low-cost contaminant-free components.

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