Micro Tube Fabricators


Laser Processing


MTF utilizes a multi-axis, rotational CNC controlled laser welding process. This process enables high accuracy component mating for precision applications; our gas-shielded laser welding systems are equipped to handle various lot sizes. Laser welding is ideal for production runs due to its efficient process speeds, rapidcycling, straight forward setup, and repeatability.


Our laser etching services include graphics, logos, alpha numeric info, serial numbers, barcodes, etc. MTF has the capability to laser mark in-process and fully fabricated components and assemblies. 

Also see Pad Printing.


MTF's CNC controlled state of the art laser cutting work center is capable of cutting a wide range of features, from simple holes to intricate geometric shapes. This highly versatile and quickly programmable cell allows for quick turnaround times with minimal upfront tooling costs. Whether it’s a few samples or high volume production, MTF’s laser cutter will cost effectively produce any geometry with very high repeatability.

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Micro-Tube Fabricators INC. specializes in fabricated tubing for minimally invasive laparoscopic, arthroscopic, & endoscopic procedures.  We offer a full range of laser services, as well as...
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