Micro Tube Fabricators



Electro-Chemical Machining & Grinding

MTF utilizes an ECM (Electro Chemical Machining) cutoff process that produces a burr-free cut finish. This cut to length operation can hold very tight tolerances, with lengths: of +/- .005”, and perpendicularity of +/-  .003”.

ECG Grinding (Electro Chemical Grinding) offers various shapes and forms created in a single operation which guarantees part consistency. This consistency along with precise repeatability reduces turn-around time, which results in optimal delivery for our customers.

MTF cutting machines are equipped with smartfeed controls which enhance machine productivity, improve operator performance, and deliver the expected quality required. These controls also optimize efficiency and allow the machine to easily process varying cut lengths. The dexterity in our process creates proficient changeover from production runs to small prototype lots.

CNC Swiss Turning

To meet our medical customers complex component demands, MTF utilizes swiss-turn CNC machining. Swiss-turn machining has the capability to hold extremely tight tolerances while moving at high rates of speed on multiple axes to increase productivity and reduce machining time. Multiple cutting tools work concurrently to expand functionality, utilixing automated feed to limit operator function and ultimately offer cost savings to our customers. This machining also has the capability to produce extremely low RMS surface finishes.

Wire EDM

MTF utilizes the latest high speed wire EDM technology for processing complex components that require high precision tolerances. The wire EDM process consists of a slow moving electrically-discharging cutting wire that follows a set path; the electrical-discharging sparks cut the work piece. The tight diameter of the cutting wire makes narrow, intricate cuts possible.

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